Aqua Dreams

The most important thing for me to try and recreate is the feeling of diving. A lot of divers make excellent photographs of marine life, cameras are getting better and cheaper, bringing us details of underwater creatures we did not have access to before, being recreational scuba divers. These pictures are bright and colourful and are excellent for filling in a log book so you can precisely record what you have seen that day but they don’t have the impact on me emotionally that being under all that water has. Being at depth can be sobering, and at times frightening. Depth can produce gravitas, it’s not always a buffet of colour and those moments are an important part of the experience too. I want something that takes me there, even if only for a moment.

Aqua landscape with abstract dark shapes and many limbed scuba diver approaching swirling mass
“Reach Me..” 2016
83 cm x 47.5 cm
Screen Printed Mono print
diver hovers at the surface looking down on a semi-abstract mass of reef
“It’ll Still Be There When You get Back….” 2016
83 cm x 47.5 cm
Screen Printed Mono Print
Hazy aqua landscape with fish and smudges
“Halcyon Days…” 2018
57 cm x 57 cm
Screen printed Mono print
aqua landscape with dark abstract shifting shapes
“In the Boat Shadow….” 2018
57 cm x 57 cm
Screen Printed Mono Print
“Decompression Stop” 2018
64 cm x 84cm
Screenprinted Monoprint